How will the recent changes in Employment Tribunal fees affect your right to make a claim?

Since July 2013, employees who take their case to the employment tribunal have faced fees ranging from £390 for contractual breaches, up to £1,200 for unfair dismissal claims. If they wanted to appeal the decision, this may have cost clients another £1,600. However, this is soon to change, according to a recent decision made by the supreme court on 26th [...]

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8 things drivers should never do behind the wheel

Sleep Deprivation. Being sleep deprived can turn normal driving into dangerous driving and even lead to causing death. When tired, your reaction timing is severely affected along with a reduced awareness of your surroundings. This is strikingly similar to how alcohol affects a driver but those who feel sleepy will often not respond at all to an oncoming incident [...]

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Top 10 tips for starting a new business

Checking the legal aspects are covered for your new business Starting your own business can be an exhilarating rollercoaster ride, but also something of a legal minefield – so here are ten tips to make sure you’re legally ready!   1. Create a legal plan for your business – a structure to work to that will define the way your [...]

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Top 10 tips for choosing a lawyer

Questions you must ask before hiring a lawyer… Hiring the wrong lawyer could be a costly mistake – so make sure you get the right professional for your needs.   We suggest that you ask the following ten questions:   1. ‘Do you accept payment plans?’  If you have a budget to keep to, cashflow issues or simply prefer to [...]

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Top 10 tips for getting through a divorce

Keep the children out of it. Divorce can be especially difficult when children are involved and emotions can run high. However, including children in the friction could be a potentially damaging move and one that could affect them long term. Furthermore, using the children to make threats against your partner or emotionally goad them would be a mistake. If you [...]

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