If you’re in need of legal assistance but can’t afford legal fees, look no further than Legal Cost Finance and our wide range of legal loan and payment plan options.

We understand that getting finance for legal fees can be a stressful experience and we believe it is something no one should have to worry about during such a difficult time. That is why Legal Cost Finance offer comprehensive payment plans designed to put your mind at ease. We want to help you in all types of legal cases, both contentious and non-contentious, so whatever your query might be we aim to be with you every step of the way.

In fact, affordable legal loans and repayment plans are at the core of what we do and our team of finance specialists are dedicated to helping you spread your legal cost over a convenient period of time – breaking your repayments down to affordable levels, regardless of your legal situation.

Take our LawPlan Classic solution for example; if you have limited access to funds but need help paying for a legal case, we’ll assist you with a legal financing option. The cost-neutral payment options are available with no interest payable for the first 12 months, making it an excellent choice if you can’t afford legal fees.

Speaking of cost-neutral payment options, we can negotiate a discount on your legal fees to offset the cost of your payment plan. In short, you can pay off your legal loan or payment plan in the first year effectively without any costs involved (e.g. interest free). For more information, contact our finance specialists on 020 3376 1888.

Payment options like LawPlan Classic tie into our mantra of ensuring financial support for those with limited access to funds. As a team, we work tirelessly to help you get the legal finance support you require and deserve, all while ensuring your lawyer’s fees are paid in full and on time. Legal Cost Finance’s varied plans are designed to give you the ability to repay your legal loans or payment plans in manageable and affordable increments. We create an atmosphere where you can approach your legal situations with an air of confidence, safe in the knowledge that Legal Cost Finance have covered your litigation payments.

The Benefits of a Legal Loan

Legal cases often move faster than you can manage, leaving your head spinning in the face of spiralling lawyer’s fees. Our payment plans provide a solid foundation for you to build upon, a foundation in which you can focus on the things that matter and not on how you’ll pay for your legal fees. Securing the right legal loan and repayment plan is the first step towards the litigation success we believe everyone is entitled to.

Our comprehensive payment plans do more than simply finance your legal loans; they enable access to better legal representation. Finding the right lawyer is an essential part of the litigation process but far too often individuals like you are left to settle for less, something we couldn’t disagree with more. Being denied access to justice is against everything Legal Cost Finance stands for, so that is why our payment plans are created with flexibility in mind. Choose the ideal litigation payment plan based on your own specific requirements, or use our matrix to find out which one works best for you or your business.

We’ve already covered the basics of LawPlan Classic, but we also offer two more bespoke options. Our LawPlan Prime payment solution provides effective support for private individuals and small businesses looking to avoid large up-front sums. Whether it’s business incorporation or commercial property matters, LawPlan Prime is tailor-made to cover your legal costs in a fast and efficient manner. As the ‘middle ground’ option, LawPlan Prime also comes with the choice to combine it with LawPlan Classic, making it an optimised payment solution consisting of both unsecured and secured financing.

Legal Cost Finance’s third payment plan is specifically geared towards large legal cases with promising outcomes. LawPlan Advanced represents the best option for individuals and businesses looking to set up the funding for a case without unnecessary delays. No more fighting for lengthy assessments or costly legal opinions, LawPlan Advanced can be set up quickly so you can proceed with your case confidently. If keeping 100% of case proceeds is important to you or your business, then choose LawPlan Advanced for an affordable litigation loan.

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Which plan is for you?

Whether you’re an individual or a business, we have a plan that’s right for your specific requirements and circumstances


  • If you have limited access to funds, this plan may be for you.
  • Unsecured financing, in both contentious and non-contentious cases.
  • Cost-neutral payment plans available with no interest payable for the first 12 months.


  • If you simply prefer to spread your costs by instalments.
  • Secured and unsecured financing options.
  • Available for individuals and businesses with contentious and non-contentious legal matters.


  • If you have assets, but have limited access to funds.
  • Innovative financing alternative enabling you to pay at the end of your legal matter.
  • Proceed confidently and affordably without giving up large portions of your settlement.

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