LawPlan Advanced from Legal Cost Finance is a payment plan designed to provide a viable alternative to Litigation Funding.

If you have a large legal case with a promising outcome and don’t want to give away a lion’s share of your winnings to an external investor (litigation funder) then you should consider LawPlan Advanced.

Unlike Litigation Funding, LawPlan Advanced offers you an affordable payment solution backed by security (asset or litigation insurance), and can be installed immediately.  No need for lengthy case assessments or costly legal opinions.  LawPlan Advanced can be set up quickly and you can proceed with your case confidently, convenience and affordably – keeping 100% of any award you achieve through a court ruling or an out-of-court settlement.

Who is LawPlan Advanced suited to?

LawPlan Advanced is popular among individuals or businesses who prefer affordable financing and keeping 100% of their case proceeds, as opposed to finding a funder who will agree to invest in their legal case, and who will then take a lion’s share of the winnings.

Typical legal matters LawPlan Advanced can support:

  • Family matters, including divorce;
  • Contractual disputes – both consumer and corporate;
  • Commercial disputes;
  • Banking transactions, finance and fraud;
  • Debt Recovery;
  • Property issues, whether as a landlord or tenant, with a mortgage company or neighbour;
  • Contentious inheritance, will and probate;
  • Mergers and acquisitions:
  • Insolvency;
  • Media and defamation.

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