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If your business is involved in a legal dispute, or is about to be, you’re probably worried about the legal fees involved. These fees can be substantial, putting a strain on your business and by extension, yourself. At Legal Cost Finance, we don’t believe this is right; no one should spend more time worrying about legal fees than their legal case. This is why we offer a comprehensive range of convenient payment plans designed to reduce your financial burden. Find out how we can help resolve your commercial dispute by contacting our team of experts on 020 3376 1888.

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It doesn’t matter if you are a large business with hundreds of employees, or a small independent set up with only yourself working, any business can find themselves caught in a commercial dispute. Whatever this dispute may be, commercial law is generally a complex and technical process that requires a specialist commercial law solicitor. Failing to secure a solicitor well versed in commercial law can result in your business paying large sums up front, especially if the dispute devolves into a lengthy court case.

We aim to simplify commercial law disputes by offering a range of convenient payment plans. These payment plans give your business access to a cost-effective legal loan that can be paid back in manageable instalments, so you can focus on getting the right legal representation and stop worrying about troublesome legal fees.

A legal loan from Legal Cost Finance gives businesses like yours  easier access to a knowledgeable commercial law solicitor, one who truly understands the ins and outs of business disputes. This is important because in the complicated world of commercial law, getting a solicitor with experience in the field can mean the difference in avoiding a financial disaster for your business. Start with a payment plan from Legal Cost Finance today, or for more information contact our experts on 0202 3376 1888.

Common business disputes

Disputes are a part of any business, big or small, and being aware of the diverse range of issues can be important in the start of a successful legal case. Of course, it is down to your solicitor to work out the details of your commercial issue, but learning more about the various disputes can put you in a better position to avoid them in the future. Some of these common business disputes include:

Commercial contract disputes

A commercial contract dispute emerges when a party within a business fails to meet its contractual obligation. This could be fully, partially, or even incorrectly, the point is that a defined term within a contract has been broken and as a result, legal action may be required. Some examples of a contractual breach include:

  • Not meeting deadlines
  • Non-payment for goods and services
  • Substituting a material with one of lesser quality

Whatever the type of breach may be, it can be grounds for either the employee or employer to take legal action. As a business owner, your primary concern should be avoiding these disputes, but if an employee causes you financial loss as a result of a contractual breach, then you may have grounds to sue for damages. You will need expert legal representation which could incur substantial legal fees. Our convenient payment plans are tailor made to help you cover these legal fees, through access to a quality legal loan that can be repaid in manageable instalments over time. Contact one of our legal finance experts on 020 3376 1888 for more information on how our payment plans can help your business.

Debt Recovery & Collection

The issuing of invoices and regular bank statements should be a standard part of any business’ credit control routine, before a payment becomes overdue. After the deadline for a payment has passed, it is imperative you act swiftly to begin assessing the situation. You should do this by contacting the debtor personally and finding out whether or not they’re facing financial difficulties. If they are, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible, in order to best understand the recovery procedure.

In the unfortunate situation where a solution cannot be reached through negotiation, your legal advisor should help you send a Letter Before Action. This formal letter informs the debtor that if they fail to pay their debts before the allotted time, then they could face court proceedings. Alternatively, you may also choose to send a Late Payment Demand, which allows you to claim interest, compensation and reasonable debt collection costs.

You should consider issuing a county court claim if the debtor has failed to pay after the Letter Before Action or Late Payment Demand. After the county court claim, the debtor has 14 days to either pay the debt, arrange a payment plan with your business, or defend the claim. If the debtor has not filed a defence, and the debt is still unpaid, the next stage in the process is to issue a County Court Judgement (CCJ). The court will appoint a County Court Bailiff to take control of the goods to cover the debt, if the the amount owed is under £600. However, if the debtor owes in excess of £600, then judgement is delegated to a High Court Enforcement Officer.

Hiring a solicitor to guide you through the process of debt recovery and collection is essential. Doing so will incur legal fees, but choosing not to hire a solicitor can mean your debt recovery claim is left dead in the water. If you’re worried about the legal fees involved, you should consider opting for one of our convenient payment plans. Call us now on 020 3376 1888 and our experts will explain which payment plan is right for you.

Professional Negligence Claims

If the council from a business or an independent professional is found to be either incorrect, irrelevant, or unsubstantiated, a claim for professional negligence can be made. For example, it could be that your business might have caused a customer to suffer a loss as a result of poor advice given by you, in which case they may decide to start legal procedures against you.

Before someone begins a professional negligence case, they must first be able to demonstrate that your business has breached a duty of care. Simply demonstrating an error or an example of bad service is not necessarily grounds for a professional negligence claim; they will need to prove that your service fell well below the standards of a reasonable professional in your field of business. Such a claim is objective however; it is a question of fact and not the personal opinion of how a service should be.

Claims for professional negligence are only possible if the loss is ‘reasonably foreseeable’. They will need to prove causation too, which means their solicitor will search for proof that the professional negligence was caused by an oversight on your behalf. If the loss would have occurred in any event, then the professional’s breach of duty cannot be negligent.

You should note that professional negligence procedures can be extremely complex so it is advisable to seek quality legal advice at the earliest opportunity. A payment plan from Legal Cost Finance allows you to do just that, by giving you access to a legal loan that you can use to cover any legal fees immediately. Contact our team of experts on 020 3376 1888 and we’ll guide you through the payment plan process.

Intellectual Property Claims

Businesses must have some form of intellectual property protection in place to help stop theft, or the copying of designs, products, product names and inventions. Disputes can arise with intellectual property (IP) if an individual commits an infringement, which is when someone uses your IP without permission.

If an infringement has taken place, and neither parties can reach an agreement (through negotiation and alternative dispute resolution), then you can file legal proceedings through the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), or through the courts. Infringement includes:

  • The use of your copyrighted work without expressed permission
  • Money made from your own design or database
  • Your domain name being used
  • The use of a trademark that resembles one you’ve previously registered
  • Committing counterfeit, trade libel and false advertising actions
  • Selling a product you have already patented.

Depending on the claim you make, your case could be heard before the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC), or the High Court. After you’ve made a claim and completed the claims form, the defendant will be notified and told they have 14 days to file ‘acknowledgement of service’ to the court. When it is your idea and your business at stake, you should make the right legal steps to ensure you don’t take any unnecessary risks. Intellectual property disputes are often complex processes that require specialist legal insight from a knowledgeable solicitor. If you’re worried about the legal fees involved in hiring such a solicitor, then contact our finance experts for information on our payment plans. Call us now on 020 3376 1888.

Director & Shareholder Disputes

A successful business is built on the basis of mutual trust and agreement, but that’s not to say a good business can’t be affected by disputes that arise out of a clash of interests. Over time, insurmountable differences may arise between directors and shareholders which can have a detrimental impact on the business, and in turn, yourself. Commercial disputes between directors and shareholders can be challenging and highly charged situations, so it is essential to settle the dispute quickly and with as little hassle as possible.

However, an amicable resolution is not always possible and in this situation, you may consider making a claim against a director or shareholder if:

  • A breach in fiduciary duty has occurred
  • The individual is not acting in good faith or best interests of the business
  • The individual is acting outside of the powers granted by the business
  • There is a 50:50 shareholder deadlock
  • There is concern as to whether the board of directors are meeting their responsibilities and you want to seek relief through making a derivative claim
  • You believe the company has been managed in a way that is ‘unfairly prejudicial’ and you want to make a minority shareholder claim
  • There is evidence of commercial fraud
  • The business is in liquidation, dissolution or insolvency

Commercial disputes between directors and shareholders can be challenging and technical situations that require expert legal insight. You will need to seek an experienced commercial dispute solicitor who can guide you through the process step by step. Naturally, you’re going to to need to find the funds to pay the solicitor’s legal fees, something that might be concerning to you if you’re not sure you can afford them. If this is the case, you should consider one of Legal Cost Finance’s convenient payment plans, which are cost-effective means to get access to a quality legal loan. Give our finance experts a call on 020 3376 1888 and we’ll help you decide which payment plan is best for you and your business.

Partnership & LLP Disputes

Business partnerships and limited liability partnerships (LLP) are generally structured to give all partners equal rights and authority within the business. Whilst usually an effective and fair business model, partnerships can come under strain when a dispute arises, because there is no leading authority. Disagreements within a partnership can lead to serious repercussions for the business through commercial litigation, so it is essential to seek legal advice and find out what your rights are. 

Common partnership and LLP disputes involve:

  • Breach of partnership duties
  • Dividing of capital or assets
  • Dissolution and termination of partnerships
  • Restrictive covenant issues
  • Winding up (the process of selling all assets of a business to pay off creditors)
  • Asset misappropriation fraud

Depending on the severity of the dispute, you could be facing either the county courts or the High Court. In addition, you will need to find the finances to pay your solicitor’s legal fees, which might be a concern if you have extra outgoings to worry about. We aim to alleviate your worries through a range of convenient payment plans, which give you access to a legal loan that you can repay in manageable instalments. If you need help financing your legal fees, speak to a member of our team today on 020 3376 1888.

Commercial Property & Land Disputes

With the value of land in the UK being so high, it is important to have dispute resolution procedures in place to resolve commercial property issues before they cause disruptions to the daily operation of your business. There are a multitude of issues that can arise when owning commercial property, including:

  • Disputes with development agreements and site assembly issues (including easements, covenants and rights of way disputes)
  • Contentious and non-contentious business lease renewals
  • Land options and associated valuation issues
  • Contractual disputes on the sale and purchase of land
  • Development and planning issues
  • Establishing rights of ownership and interests in land
  • Agreements relating to developments
  • Boundary disputes

Commercial property is an area of law that requires technical expertise from a solicitor experienced in its many complex aspects. You will need to find the funds to finance such a solicitor’s legal fees, something that our selection of convenient payment plans can help you with. We may be able to cover 100% of your legal fees, so give our experts a call on 020 3376 1888 and we’ll explain our legal cost finance options.

Despite our best intentions for business practice, many of us may find ourselves in business disputes with our employees, shareholders, partners, competitors and other business professionals. It is important to ensure contractual agreements with business colleagues and hired professionals have dispute resolution procedures in place, so that any issues are solved as quickly and amicably as possible. Don’t put your day to day business operations and reputations at stake. Seek advice from a legal expert at the earliest opportunity to discuss your rights and merits of the business dispute.

Our affordable payment plans can help cover your legal costs, so you can receive the legal support you need – without the need for large payments upfront.

Commercial disputes can be extremely complex. Get the help you need today by contacting a member of our team for practical solutions and affordable payment plans on 020 3376 1888.

If you have already appointed a solicitor to your case, we can still offer you legal advice and payment plan solutions. We will make all the necessary arrangements on your behalf. Start your payment plan now.

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