It is your accountant’s duty to ensure that your company’s tax affairs are in order, however, ultimately the responsibility falls on directors to file the corporation tax return and HMRC on time. Corporation tax is charged as a percentage of the annual profits made by your company. Self-employed individuals and sole traders, do not pay corporation tax, but will pay tax through their annual self-assessment system. The deadlines for your company corporation tax will depend on your taxable profits for.

Your corporate tax:

  • Preparing tax deeds and tax warranties
  • Resolving a tax dispute
  • Tax clearance applications
  • International tax relating to cross border assets and offshore trusts
  • Tax planning, share transfers and corporate restructuring
  • Stamp duty
  • HMRC investigations and enquiries

We are here to provide guidance on all aspects of corporate tax. Our corporate tax solicitors advise on the most tax-efficient means of acquiring, selling or restructuring assets, negotiating and documenting the transaction, and ensuring the smooth completion of your business deal on your behalf. For contentious cases, our corporate tax lawyers advise on tax litigation and HMRC investigations, including negotiating with tax authorities.
Our legal experts are highly skilled in drafting and negotiating tax warranties and deeds. We can also give advice on cost-effective payment solutions to help you cut your upfront fees and manage any additional costs affordably. Contact a member of our team today for tactical tax advice and payment plans on 020 3376 1888.

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We provide payment plans to cover your legal costs, so you or your business can get the legal support you require – without the need for large up front payments.

We will connect you with a lawyer who specialises in company law matters and who is right for your individual circumstances.  If you have already appointed a lawyer, we can still offer you a payment plan solution and will make all the necessary arrangements with your lawyer on your behalf.

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Our mission is to make your life easier by servicing your loans for legal fees through convenient and affordable payment plans. Not sure what LawPlan suits you best? We have built a questionnaire for you to find out.

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Need a lawyer? We offer top solicitors and barristers, and actually take our time to ensure you have the right legal representation for your specific case.

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We have a team of dedicated case managers who will guide you through your legal journey and ensure you’re not wasting money on legal costs and making the right strategic decisions.

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