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If you are currently going through, or are about to start, the divorce process, you’re likely to be concerned about your family’s future. Don’t worry because you’re not alone; in fact over 100,000 marriages end in divorce each year in England and Wales, with consequences relating to child custody, property assets and financial settlements.

Regardless of whether you’re applying for the divorce yourself, or are on the receiving end of a divorce petition, we know just how difficult it can be. Family law cases are usually lengthy, complicated processes and the financial strains often hike up, leaving many individuals wondering how they’re going to pay the legal fees for their divorce.

Our firm belief is that no one should worry about funding their family law case. That is why at Legal Cost Finance, we offer a selection of comprehensive legal loans designed to provide you with convenient payment plans to help you ease the cost burden.

The payment plan that will form part of your legal loan will be tailored to your personal circumstances, enabling you to finance the legal support you require. For example, with our divorce loans, you won’t need to worry about paying large sums up front; instead you can focus on your case, knowing that the funds you need are available when required, and that you won’t need to pay anything back until your legal process comes to an end.

Which legal loan is right for me?

Each payment plan is carefully tailored to a wide spectrum of personal situations. Take LawPlan Classic for example; it provides financial support for those with limited access to funds, as well as offering a convenient cost-neutral payment plan. With LawPlan Classic, you’ll pay no interest for the first 12 months. We will guarantee that your lawyer’s fees are paid on time and in full, allowing your family law case to move forward smoothly and without delays. For more information on our payment plans, call our team of legal finance experts on 020 3376 1888.

Do you need a Family Law expert?

Family Law covers a range of family matters, issues, and domestic relations. You may find yourself in a situation where legal issues arise that affect your relationship or family life, making it important to take the right course of action and get the support you need. If required, Legal Cost Finance can direct you to one of its family law experts who works with legal loans and payment plans, and who can advise you on:

  • Separation and Divorce
  • Family dispute resolution
  • Annulments
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Property settlements
  • Financial settlements

Family law disputes can involve negotiation, litigation and alternative dispute resolution (such as arbitration or mediation). If you’re already matched with a lawyer, we can still offer you a legal loan and make all the necessary arrangements with your lawyer on your behalf.

If you are concerned about the fees involved in a family law case, our consultants will suggest a suitable solution to help you get expert representation without paying huge sums up front. We offer you a selection of bespoke payment plans designed to fit your financial situation, whatever that might be. For example, if you are seeking a divorce and a share of matrimonial assets (e.g. a home or other property), but you have no income to pay your legal fees, we may be able to cover 100% of your legal costs up front, and you won’t need to make any repayments until your case is over.

Get through your legal matter with the help of a payment plan – and get on with life.  

We provide payment plans to cover your legal costs, so you can get the legal support you require – without the need for large up front payments.

Your legal process can involve negotiation, litigation or alternative dispute resolution (such as arbitration or mediation).

We will connect you with a lawyer who specialises in family law matters and who is right for your individual circumstances.  If you have already appointed a lawyer, we can still offer you a payment plan solution and will make all the necessary arrangements with your lawyer on your behalf.

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