Some couples may seek mediation while they are working through divorce proceedings. This is a form of alternative dispute resolution, which is actively encouraged by the court throughout the litigation process. Mediation allows both parties to settle their disputes related to child custody, financial settlements and property in a confidential and cost-effective way. If you would like to hear more about mediation and dispute resolution contact one of our reputable mediators to help you through the divorce process.

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Family arbitration

Family arbitration is an alternative to court proceedings, where an arbitrator can be appointed to hear the evidence and make a legally binding decision. You may wish to consider arbitration if you have been unable to come to a mutual decision through discussions and mediation with your partner. Arbitration requires the agreement of both parties and many may take this route as a way of sorting out financial disputes without having to go to court. If you need legal advice, we can put you in touch with one of our trusted arbitrators to handle your case.

In some cases, couples may not be ready to commit to divorce proceedings for personal reasons. If you are currently in this situation, you can choose to get a legal separation in your marriage or civil partnership, and see if you can work through your differences. Under certain circumstance, you can also request an annulment, if you can provide evidence that your marriage was invalid.

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Your legal process can involve negotiation, litigation or alternative dispute resolution (such as arbitration or mediation).

We will connect you with a lawyer who specialises in family law matters and who is right for your individual circumstances.  If you have already appointed a lawyer, we can still offer you a payment plan solution and will make all the necessary arrangements with your lawyer on your behalf.

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