Landlord-Tenant issues are a part of everyday life for both the landlord and tenant. Usually, issues can be resolved and both parties can go about their lives, but every now and again an issue descends into a dispute. When landlord-tenant issues become a legal matter, you’ll need proper legal representation which means that you’re going to have to find the money to pay your lawyer’s fees. During what is already a stressful time, trying to find the cash to pay your lawyer’s fees is only another unnecessary mountain. At Legal Cost Finance we strongly believe that no one should spend more time worrying about how to finance their case than the case itself. That is why we offer a range of legal loans equipped with comprehensive payment plans designed to reduce your financial concerns.

Which legal loans are right for my landlord tenant issues?

Exactly which loan is right for you depends on a few key factors. For example, if you are an individual without significant assets, you might want to consider our LawPlan Classic payment solution. With it you can get unsecured financing for both contentious and non-contentious cases, as well as a cost-neutral payment plan. The cost-neutral payment plan means you might be able to get access to interest free repayments for the first 12 months.

Alternatively, if you have assets but would prefer to avoid paying large up-front sums, then LawPlan Prime could be the perfect plan for you. LawPlan Prime is designed for legal cases that require substantial costs; as such you will need the capacity to secure the underlying loan, either by real estate of another form of asset, which makes it an ideal legal loan for landlords. Start with a Legal Cost Finance legal loan today and get access to the representation you require. Or for more information, contact our team of legal finance experts on 020 3376 1888.

As a landlord, it is in your best interest to prevent tenant issues where and when they may appear. However, issues arise from tenants on a daily basis across the UK, resulting in many landlords needing legal support.

Over the past few years, changes to the responsibilities and legal obligations of landlords has resulted in an increase in tenants choosing to take action against them. What this means is that you, as a landlord, need to be aware of your rights and whether or not they’ve been broken. For example, if a tenant has caused damage to a property beyond reasonable ‘wear and tear’, you may be able to claim back for costs incurred. It is also important to note that unlawful eviction is a criminal offence and could result in you having to pay substantial legal costs, so make sure you have the grounds to begin a legal process. Regardless of the issue, if it results in legal action you will need to find the funds to pay for a lawyer. With a Legal Cost Finance legal loan, you can enter the process with confidence, knowing that we’ll pay your lawyer’s fees in full and on time.

Landlords have a number of responsibilities to fulfil, be they financial or health and safety related. These include:

On the subject of health hazards, it is essential for you, as a landlord, to be aware of the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS). It is a system used by your council to ensure that the properties in its area are safe for the people living there. They’ll carry out inspections on properties in the area to search for potential health hazards, exposed electrical wires for example.

If you need further details on any issues relating to private property renting, our knowledgable team can assist you. Call our experts on 020 3376 1888 today.

As a tenant, you should be aware that you have certain legally enforceable obligations to meet. Many of these are obvious, such as paying your rent on time and not damaging the property beyond reasonable ‘wear and tear’. However, some obligations might be less obvious, maintaining the garden for example. If you fail to meet these obligations, you might find yourself dealing with an unhappy landlord looking to resolve the dispute with legal action.

On the other hand, the landlord has many obligations they have to meet too. One example would be if you agree to a new tenancy on the property. Your deposit has to be paid into a government-backed deposit protection scheme for 30 days and when your tenancy ends, your landlord should repay the deposit in full when you vacate the property. In the unfortunate situation they decide not to repay your deposit, you could find yourself needing legal representation and the funds for a lawyer. If you’re worried about your legal fees, look no further than Legal Cost Finance’s legal loans and cost-effective payment plans.

Tenant rights are numerous and varied, so it is important to be aware of a least some before you challenge a landlord. These rights include:

  • Living in a property that is safe and in a good state of repair
  • Getting your deposit back when the tenancy ends, providing you have met the obligations of the rental agreement
  • Being able to challenge excessively high charges
  • Knowing the identity of your landlord
  • Living in the property undisturbed
  • Having access to the property’s Energy Performance Certificate
  • Protection from unfair eviction and unfair rent
  • Having a written agreement for fixed-term tenancies over three years

As a homeowner, there may be times when you need legal guidance and support. You could have have fallen behind on your mortgage payments for example, which might mean a bank trying to repossess your home. If this is the case, you will need effective legal representation and subsequently, the funds to pay your lawyer’s fees. We understand that this can be a stressful and confusing experience filled with uncertainty. That is why we offer a range of comprehensive legal loans complete with effective payment plans, so you can rest assured that we’ll cover your lawyer’s fees without delay. Contact our finance experts today on 020 3376 1888 for more information. 

We provide payment plans to cover your legal costs, so you can get the legal support you require – without the need for large up front payments.

Your legal process can involve negotiation, litigation or alternative dispute resolution (such as arbitration or mediation).

We will connect you with a lawyer who specialises in landlord and tenant matters and who is right for your individual circumstances.  If you have already appointed a lawyer, we can still offer you a payment plan solution and will make all the necessary arrangements with your lawyer on your behalf.

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